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Beautiful ID Photo Camera


Notice!- Now only available in 3cm x 4cm size. Please be waited till we develop the new version covering other sizes.- Application is available in Japanese only. (Sorry. We hope app’s simple design allows you to use regardless your native language…)ID photo app for 3x4 cm size (originally developed for resume sheet use in Japan). Shoot your face photo with the app, and complete with skin smoother and eye bag concealer effects. Then print at your home printer. This app is produced by Japan’s No.1 job-board brand “TOWNWORK” from Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd.
Best suitable for …
NO TIME? Are you in hurry? - Anytime, anywhere! - Don’t worry even if it is midnight or the deadline is today. - Easy & Quick process takes only 1min.
NO MONEY? You don’t want to spend money for this?- All you need to pay is for printing only! (And it can be free if you have printer at home!)
NOT confident? You are NOT A SELPHIE PERSON?- We give you selfie how-to guide dedicated for ID photo shoot! - Of course, you can try as much as you get the best one!